What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency for secure and instant transfers of money around the globe. Bitcoin is not controlled by central bank or a government. unlike fiat currency. Bitcoin is created, distributed, traded and stored with the use of a decentralized ledger system known as blockchain.
How it works?
In order to use Bitcoin you have to authorize yourself with your Bitcoin provider, but in the same time nobody will be able to track your money transfers. Once you have registered with a Bitcoin provider you can add funds in your Bitcoin wallet and pay with it for various services such as RentMen.
Why is Bitcoin one of the safest payment methods?
Bitcoins are not created by any central bank nor regulated by anyone.
Bitcoins completely bypasses banks by using peer-to-peer transfers and effectively avoiding and middleman fees.
How to get Bitcoins?
Create a wallet:
  • In order to use Bitcoins you need to register with Bitcoin provider and create your Bitcoin wallet. Your Bitcoin wallet is the equivalent of a bank account. You can create your wallet with any of the following Bitcoin providers:
Where To Buy Bitcoins?
  • Once you`ve set up your Bitcoin wallet you can buy Bitcoins and start using them to make payments in a simple and secure way.