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Jan 25 - Jan 30 Las Vegas, NV
Feb 01 - Feb 06 Phoenix, AZ
Feb 08 - Feb 12 Los Angeles, CA
Feb 15 - Feb 21 Miami, FL
Feb 22 - Mar 01 Denver, CO
Mar 01 - Mar 05 London, United Kingdom
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Vegas_Finest's Interview

Dear RentMen Visitors, Recently Vegas_Finest chose to answer 7 interview questions and his interview was last updated on .

  • What would you like your followers to know about you that is unique and even a bit personal?

    Having sex at a very young age really wired my cock to the point where I can't even get off unless I am engaging in some form of intercourse with another individual, internet porn is just like I can't even watch cause its just to fake and I would rather actually be with someone setting myself to the task, it has really also given me unwavering stamina which is great, once I'm active I'm going full force, I really just love the challenge of being best you've ever had, that's really my main goal and why I'm on here. I love to perform!

  • If you were to pick something that everyone else should absolutely know about you, what would that be?

    I'm an extremely committed and engaged individual, I have been my entire life. If you're committing to spending time with me I take pride and respect in the fact knowing you chose me over other models on this site and will put forth 100 percent into performing to the best of my ability. I also love receiving compliments about my physique, and just seeing your reaction when my shirt comes off, its a huge turn on for me and makes me just want to push even harder. I am truly striving to be a top respected model on here and seriously appreciate you taking the time to read my interview!


  • What should others absolutely know about you?

    I would love for you to know that I am really a great guy, I am labelled as a muscle guy on here but I really do not want to be viewed as that, there are many different layers to me that really come out once you get to know me. Typically when engaging in a conversation I prefer to ask more questions rather then just go on about myself. If your more no talk lets get right to it, I'm ready to go full force, however I would just love to hear your story and whats happening in your life before we even start anything to make our time that much more memorable!, a one time meetup could turn into a life long friendship!

  • What do you enjoy most about yourself?

    I love being a bodybuilder and living this lifestyle to the max, I seriously do not know where I would be with this, its kept me out of trouble through my youth years and has given me really something to push for in my life which is everything to me. It is just amazing to look back when I first started back in high school at 16 and how far I have come, really just shows when you really put all your energy and passion into something what you can really achieve and how far you can take it.

  • What’s your lifestyle? What makes you who you are?

    I'm my own person , I have never done anything to fit in to a crowd or gave peer pressure, I'm an independent self motivated individual. I stayed away from that whole party scene most kids get caught up in at my age and focused on myself and achieving my own goals. Most kids its just like sex is everything and they just care about how many people they can hookup with, that has never been me, I could be going to clubs bars, parties, but to me its just not worth it putting myself in those situations where its just an ego fest and have guys trying to pick fights with me to prove something or because I'm hitting on their girl, its just not worth it to me.

  • What makes you stand out from the crowd?

    Just my whole presence and how I carry myself, In public you typically wont see me without a hoody on, I like to stay concealed, it keeps me focused. I never wanted to live up to that massive ego bodybuilder stereo type walking around like I'm better then everyone because I have some size. I have never been that guy, I have always treated everyone with respect, please and thank you are a MUST for me not walking in somewhere like a bank and saying I need to do this or go find that for me, typically when I'm addressing a working individual I would start off by asking them politely to do whatever it is I am there to do and thanking them after words for their help. I also take a lot pride in my appearance and how I look. If you saw me in a gym or any public place there is a good chance you would recognize me a second time through. Appearance is everything to me, waking up shaving and doing my hair, I want to be looking my best. I typically wear all black because its just a powerful, strong, serious color and shows multiple layers to me

  • What kind of diet and fitness regime do you follow?

    I started bodybuilding when I was 16 and have kept a very strict routine all the way through, I typically cardio every day for 45 minutes-an hour, and hit weights 5 days a week for around an hour, I will target one specific muscle group per day around 6-12 reps per set and 16-20 sets per muscle, I have always trained by feel, I do not typically repeat the same workouts week after week,I constantly change my routine to keep it fresh, but i still stick to a Monday - Friday one body part per day schedule, diet wise it really depends what I'm doing when I was starting out it was very high calories to build up, now I'm on a high protein low carb to lean out. I do a 50/50/150 carb cycle where I keep carbs at 50 grams for 2 days then on the 3rd day I will up them to 150 and drop my protein from 400 grams to 350, then on the 4th day I will repeat the cycle and drop my carbs back down and up my protein, this is how you get shredded!, I'm eating around the clock every three hours, typically protein shakes not much meats. staying in shape is a must for me.